Top Most Places To Hangout In Patna For Youth

Majority of population of our city is youth and our city offers some wonderful places for the youth to visit and hangout with their friends and family. Here are some of the most happening and youthful places of Patna.


1) Mourya Lok Complex

The number one spot in top youthful destinations in patna is Mourya Lok. It is a place which is always related to the youth of Patna. People say that Patna doesn’t have sufficient malls but I assume it as misconception. I think that Mourya lok complex is nothing less than a mall and the youth of Patna has made it a happening place for so many years. Students love to visit here as it offers so many things like eating, shopping, hangouts options.You can find the best local food there including litti chokha,one of the best bihari cuisine.Young boys with their bikes and girls with their scooties love to visit this happening place.


2) Eco Park

Ever since it has opened it has become the ultimate destination of the youth of Patna. Every evening students love to visit this beautiful park to enjoy and relax with their friends and folks. It is a beautiful park with some splendid art work. It’s a quality place for youth and families to enjoy and get some fresh air in this stressful life.

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3) Gandhi Ghat (NIT Ghat)

Gandhi Ghat is a very old and famous Ghat of Patna. It is very beautiful Ghat with some gardens nearby it. It is surrounded by many colleges as a result it gets maximum youth attention for hanging out. Students love to go here as it is a quiet and relaxing place.


4) Buddha Smriti Park

It is a very spiritual and elegant park. It’s a nice place to hang out with friends with a peace space. People enjoy visiting Buddha Smriti park specially students and youth.Maharaja Complex and Patna station is just nearby to it.


5) P&M Mall

P&M mall undoubtedly the first and till date the best mall in Patna and guess what it’s a blessing for the young generation of Patna. It’s a decent mall with almost everything. The youth of Patna loves visiting here so much that the mall gets huge crowd on weekends.TimeZone and FoodCourt are the perfect place there.

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6) Boring Road

Boring Road itself is a wonderful place for the young people of Patna. As right from boring road crossing to A.N. College from Bikaner to Panchmukhi Mandir,And the Raja Pool,the road is always occupied by students because this area offers everything that the young community demands.KFC, Pantaloons, Dominos, Subway, Pizza hut almost everything is present in this porsh area.


7) The Disc Man & Hangover Lounge

The disc man and Hangover are discos located at exhibition road & Boring Road respectively. There is no need to say anything about popularity of these places among youth of Patna. Being the line disc of Patna it gets attention of the youth here and massive attendance of youth in Patna.

8) Revolving Restaurant

It is eastern India’s first revolving restaurant. Opened in 2010 is one of the biggest of its kind all over India, and it sits over the tallest tower in the city. The view from the restaurant will completely make you feel mesmerizing. You will experience here both the Gandhi maidan as well as slow breeze of the Ganges. Now, let your imagination do the rest.



9) Funtasia Water Park

Funtasia Water Park is the first and foremost water park in Patna and hence it gets all the attention of the young generation. It is a must visit place in list of every young blood in Patna especially in summer to beat the heat and chill with friends and family.


10)Zoo- Chidiyakhana

Kids go here to watch animals but the youth go here to spend some quality and memorable time with friends. I guess every friend group must have visited this place once. It is a big and best place to be with your friends, that too in lap of nature and amongst diversity of animals.


11) Bihar Museum

A must visit place which is a recently developed piece of architectural marvel spread over an area of 14 acres. In August 2015, it has been partially opened for the public.Located just near to the Patna high court.This new modern Heritage defines Bihar’s rich cultural power and diversity.


12) Markets,Parks & Hubs

There are several big and small markets in Patna like Patna Market, Hathwa Market, Khetan Market, V2, Vishal Mega Mart, Central,Metro Mall,GV Mall etc. are the shopping stations for the youth.

Parks like S.K. Puri Park,Shashtri Nagar Park, Lohia Park and Kumhrar park etc.

Learning hubs like Museum, Science Center,Planetarium etc. where the young generation also prefer going.


This list is growing at a huge rate,

Don’t worry,i’ll keep you updated 😉


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