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It is an awfull common scene – Person feels extraordinarily embarrassed to buy for condoms from a medical store.

All though condoms are available near every next outlet that we’ve an inclination to encounter, the stigma associated with buying condoms continues to be not non existent.For many men buying condoms from a store continues to be a awfully uncomfortable affair, for few it’s even a biggest nightmare.

As a result of the aim of buying condoms is clear, people concern getting branded as ‘bad’ or ‘immoral’. It’s well-known that the embarrassment issue & lack of knowledge concerning condoms ar to be right away tackled to create positive Indian men get habituated to use condoms in future to fancy safe and drawback free sex. this can be often the “pain point” that Niche e-commerce corporations into “Sexual Wellness” try and unravel !!

Condombazaar aims to be one stop-shop for purchasing condoms that the client no longer faces embarrassment.

Condombazaar is a web safe search to shop for the majority wholes of condoms obtainable in India together with all the variants of every brand. consumers will flick through varied brands and select his or her selection quite simply. It conjointly intends to coach & produce awareness regarding the usage of Condoms.

The taboo related to “Talking regarding Sex” & embarrassment related to “Buying condoms” is solved  by Condombazaar by making certain that privacy isn’t compromised. The obscurity is maintained even from the delivery person. Details are not featured on the delivery slips so contents of the box would be known  to only 1 person – ‘The Buyer’.

Even once the customer buys them on-line, the word safe would never seem within the Credit/Debit Card statements. Condoms and Rings are delivered during a discreet packaging. Nobody apart from the customer can understand that condoms are​ packed within till the packaging is totally removed.


Let’s understand Condombazaar :

Sex may be a very-very non-public matter and thus the method of “Buying Condoms” are very confidential. Customers will solely trust a whole that brings in some USP 🙂

Condombazaar has favourable position over it’s competitors, It aims to be “One stop search destination for Indian shoppers for purchasing condoms online”.

Condoms :

It provides distinctive giving of Condoms starting from Variants [Dotted, Ultra thin, additional sleek etc.] & caters to each sections of the society [Him & Her]. The sole web site that displays widest varying​ safe brands and the majority of their variants. No wherever one will get such a complete array of condoms.

Unlike lots of fly-by-night on-line safe platforms that came and gone quickly, condombazaar has been running and serving the requirements of young Indian men and girls since 2009.

The corporate delivers contemporary condoms with long end periods. an interior team verifies the pack before shopping for them from safe corporations to make sure absolute client satisfaction is bonded with each order.

Female condoms varieties are sold  at condombazaar. Those women desirous of trying it can use the site to buy female condoms instantly.

Vibrating Rings :

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Condombazaar : Habituating Indian youth to rubber usage

As per the report, one in all the most important challenges that the Sexual-Wellness market faces is that the lack of social acceptance. established  norms have connected social stigma to sexual health, inhibiting customers from shopping for the connected product. Condombazaar is associate earnest plan to habituate Asian country youth to rubber usage !! The per capita consumption of condoms in India is zero.5, means below the eu average, that is three to four. Logically Asian country consumption ought to be higher as India has immense range of young brigades compared to ageing European population. However it’s the inhibition and lack of information that stops Indians from attempting condoms

[Source – http://www.condombazaar.com]

Closing Thoughts:

With it’s presently giving, Condombazaar is creating an effort to make a dent inside the niche “Online safe segment” !! As it’s tag-line goes ‘Condombazaar needs ts sell privacy to you, not condoms”

It’s higher Safe than Sorry, use Condoms !!



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