A 75 Year Old Young Guy! – PV Saar

There are chances that if you have visited Connaught Place in Delhi, you’ve seen this man on the sidelines, selling pink or red puppets. He’s an old man who has been bent with age, punished by the years and by cruel twists of fate. But in a  testament to the courage and nobility of the human heart, he always has a smile on his face.A retired Bank Manager,Meet

Mr.PV Saar 🙂

I met him in Connaught Place last month and had few conversation with him.

He said,

“I come everyday from Rohtak,” he says in his shaky voice, referring to a town 50km from Delhi. “I’ve a wife, a married daughter and her children to support.”

Mr Saar has a rail pass that enables him to commute daily to Delhi for a monthly sum of Rs 160. He leaves home at 2.30 pm and returns by 11 in the night. At (old) Delhi railway station, a wholesale trader gives him 20 pairs of puppets, which he hawks in Connaught Place, where he reaches by the metro. Each pair is priced at Rs 40. “I’ve sold just two and now it’s time to leave.” The puppets are stuffed in an orange cloth bag hanging from his left shoulder.

I was truly inspired by him and he gave me an eternal blessings which i can’t forget.At the age of 75,a retired bank manager have his own charm and dedication to work.

Well,I got a video on YouTube by Varun Pruthi,you can see him here:

This is heart wrenchingly yet truly inspiring story of Mr. Saar, a ray of hope to us all in these dark and twisted  times.

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